Swimming pools, spas, lakes, rivers, and oceans are all potential sources of water-contamination based illnesses. Currently, the Environmental Protection Agency has developed criteria to protect people from microbial organisms such as bacteria and viruses in water bodies. Many recreational water sites use traditional testing methods to check their water for contamination. While this method works, it is often overly-expensive and can take days for the results to return. By the time the conclusions make it back to the site, hundreds of people may have already been exposed to the contaminated water.

VisuGen Global aims to transform water testing. We have developed a system to receive same-day results for possible water contamination at an affordable rate. For recreational sites, this means that illness outbreaks can be prevented with rapid testing procedures rather than having to wait a day or two to know. In the long-run, we aim to prevent water-contamination based illnesses through increased efficiency and accessibility for recreational water sites.

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